Welcome to Milky Cities!

A newsletter on how we can build happier cities through good spatial design.

  1. How do we cultivate community intimacy through space?

  2. Can a certain design for streets, parks, or greenscapes push people closer together?

  3. What makes a great third place?

  4. How can tactical urbanism (flexible, short-term city projects) help test these hypotheses?

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Chloe :) a first-year at Berkeley. I became very curious about urbanism after stumbling across an online video series. Then, I wrote a cold email that sent me to Tempe, Arizona, where I was the youngest intern at Culdesac (building the first car-free neighborhood from scratch in the U.S.). It was a great introduction to how walkability and micro-mobility impacted how we live. Now, I like to explore spatial models and write about it on Milky Cities.

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